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We are Guy Unsworth (a theatre director/writer) and Stephanie Clift (a theatre actor and part-time illustrator). When Covid-19 forced the closure of theatres in the UK, we were immediately unemployed, so decided to channel our creativity in a slightly different way - and at a distance!


This is Freddie (Guy's nephew), and his Grandma's dog, Polo. Freddie loves spending time with Polo but they couldn't see each other in lockdown because, as Freddie would say, 'Boris says no'. 


Guy: "We were struck by the amazing kindness across the world, and how positive messages and good deeds were spreading just as fast." 

So, we set to work making a book about 'Freddie and Polo' doing good deeds in their community and in turn spreading kindness amongst others... who then spread kindness amongst others... who then spread kindness amongst others...

Freddie and Polo 20.png

On 24th April 2020, we launched a kickstarter for people to pre-order a copy, in the hope they would raise enough funds to go to print. For every 10 copies sold, we committed to sending a free copy to a nursery or children's hospital in the UK. This is our kickstarter video:

On 15th May 2020, our Kickstarter completed, having made its target! The money enabled us to print the book and send over 100 copies to nurseries and hospitals. You can order your copy here. 

Most importantly, we were able to deliver our first copy to the inspiration himself, Freddie (and Polo).

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